Moog Power (CD)

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Hugo Montenegro already had a solid and storied career under his belt before his revolutionary 1969 release “Moog Power” was envisioned or the first Moog synthesizer was even built. In the mid-50s he was musical director for the Dragon and Caprice imprints where he worked with Dion. He then moved on to a similar position at the legendary “Hi Fi” imprint Time Records. Relocating to LA in the early 60s lead to a deal with RCA as well as a slew of work for film and TV including scoring two Matt Helm pics and penning the theme music to “I Dream of Jeanie”. By the mid-60s his own work was on the vanguard of Space Age Pop. When the Moog synthesizer was first made available in the late 60s its sound was fresh and very cutting edge. The instrument itself lead to a run of Moog flavored albums that went well into the 70s, Montenegro’s “Moog Power” being one of the first, and best, of the Moog movement.

“Moog Power” set the standard, with synth flavored interpretations of current hits like the Doors “Touch Me”, “Aquarius” “Dizzy”, and other hits of the day. In addition to these reinterpretations the Montenegro penned title track “Moog Power” brought the (then) futuristic sound of the synthesizer directly into the homes of millions. Now, lovingly remastered from the original sessions, Get On Down is proud to connect Montenegro’s work with a new generation of fans eager to hear analog synths or those who’d rather just mix up some cocktails and enjoy the power of the granddaddy of Moog records, “Moog Power”.


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