Ice Cream b/w Incarcerated Scarfaces (7")

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Now on 7 we have Raekwons classic Ice Cream with Incarcerated Scarfaces on the flip. Backed by one of RZAs most uncanny beats (if you knew the original you would know why) Ice Cream is a front runner for one of the most unlikely songs celebrating the 31 flavors of woman. All 3 mcs on this, Rae, Ghost and Cappadonna, run through Chocolate Deluxes, Butter Pecan, Caramel Sundaes, and French Vanillas while Method Man serves up the iconic hook that is part Eddie Murphy part genius.

On the B Side Rae goes for self on Incarcerated Scarfaces, which features some of his most classic lines : you got guns, got guns, too/ What up son, do you wanna battle for cash and see who Sun Tzu. Raekwon could have made a single for every track off Only Built 4 Cuban Linx….but with Ice Cream and Incarcerated Scarfaces, you get the dynamic of what the album is all about, witty lines, raw vocab (guess whos the black XXXXX) and incredible production.


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