I'll House You b/w On The Run (7")

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Get On Down presents a unique way to proudly re-live your hip-house past, with a vinyl reissue of the Jungle Brothers infectious 1988 hit Ill House You, which was arranged by the legendary Todd Terry. On the B-Side is a fan favorite from the groups stellar Straight Out The Jungle album, On The Run, which was released as its own single in 1988.

Group commentary on both songs, taken from Brian Colemans book Rakim Told Me:

Ill House You

MIKE G: That was produced by Todd Terry and us. It was [a different] Todd Terry song, initially. They left us with the track and we wrote the lyrics to it, and did our mix version to it. At the time, we were getting into house music, and hitting all the clubs.

AFRIKA BABY BAM: They were laughing at it at first, but it became our biggest hit of that time! We were just having fun with it. There used to be a house show on Kiss FM after Red [Alert], so hed always play that as his last song.

On The Run

AFRIKA BABY BAM: That was complicated to make. DJ Sugar Shaft from X-Clan used to cut up that break all the time. Push Up, by some rock band, I think. I looped it up like a machine gun beat. The bassline was from The Mexican [by Babe Ruth]. Mike kicked the lyrics to me at first over the phone. He said, Im a Scooby Doo so I dont be late and I was like: Wow!


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