In The Mob We Trust (CD)

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Being an emcee, producer, and CEO, 38 Spesh and his TCF Music Group label are basically self-contained. Realistically, he can flip a beat, rap on it, get a verse from TCF artists Che Noir or Klass Murda, and have a banging cut within an afternoon. So, his collaborative albums really speak volumes about what drives The King of Upstate — he loves to make the kind of raw Hip-Hop that fans need. He’s not just another hustler eating off rap, as his ambitions are much bigger than that.

When he did joint albums with Benny The Butcher and Kool G. Rap last year, it seemed only fitting as Spesh's style gels well with either of theirs. Nonetheless, he also dropped another collab project not many listeners are aware of, and may seem outside his wheelhouse to some. In The Mob We Trust paired the TCF bossman with Oakland native Joe Blow. This extra prolific spitter is the protege of Mob Figaz capo The Jacka (Rest In Power). He is one the few rappers who put out albums on The Artist Records, an imprint that mostly released The Jack’s music.

Spesh heard Joe shout him out in a song, and without hesitation, he reached out. Becoming fast friends, the Rochester native proposed a joint album. However, he also decided executing it over the net wasn’t going to cut it, so he made a trip to The Bay. The voyage produced an offering that echoed the cross-country flavor and camaraderie of The Jacka and Freeway linking up half a decade earlier.

Having finally got over the weed hangover he endured while in Oaktown, Spesh will be connecting with Blow once again for a follow-up at the beginning of 2020. So, if you ain’t up on game, it’s time to plug in.


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