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IOU - Chill Out (7")

IOU - Chill Out (7")

Get On Down keeps kickin’ it old school with the latest installment in the Get On Down 7” series, IOU’s “Chill Out”. As with other offerings in the series, this one was originally released as a 12” and has never before been available on a “doughnut”. First issued on Peter Brown’s
Georgia Peach imprint even the most rabid collector’s and Mr. Brown aren’t certain of the
exact year of release. But the thick layers of electro funk and vocoder has the educated ear
landing this between ‘82 & ‘84. In fact, this cut may have the most vocoder per minute of any cut
in recorded music history. Which only reinforces its status as an electro classic and gives you good reason to Get On Down and pick up this destine to be collectible reissue.
  • $8.98

  • IOU - Chill Out (7")
  • IOU - Chill Out (7")


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