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Juno (CD)

Juno (CD)

Che Noir


Within a few short years, Buffalo's Che Noir has established herself as queen of not only Upstate NY, but of underground Hip-Hop, period. And even more impressively, she has set a new precedent for the level of skill one must possess to claim that title. Last year's Thrill of the Hunt 2 killed the competition, won over the critics, and silenced the haters all in short order. To start 2020 off right, Che is back with Juno, an exceptional body of work which continues the Roman mythology motif she developed on Thrill of the Hunt 1 & 2.

Album art by Manuel "Cep" Concepcion


01. Intro
02. Art Of War
03. Win, Love Or Draw
04. Cocnrete Jungle (feat. Eto & Jai Black)
05. Prey (feat. Ransom)
06. Crown (feat. Planet Asia & Street Justice)
07. MC vs Rapper
08. Queen City
09. Fruits Of My Labor
10. Royalty (feat. Street Justice & Klass Murda)

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  • Juno (CD)
  • Juno (CD)
  • Juno (CD)
  • Juno (CD)


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