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Continuing Tuff Kong's series of reissues from the Eastern Conference Records catalog,  "Kill the Architect" by Cage is back to vinyl for it's 10th anniversary, including some bonus tracks previously not available on vinyl. Released in 2013, this album is a powerful and visceral journey into the depths of the human psyche, exploring themes of inner turmoil, existential crisis, and societal decay. Cage's sharp and introspective lyrics delve into the darker aspects of life, painting a vivid and haunting picture of the human experience.

The album's title, "Kill the Architect," serves as a metaphor for deconstructing one's own identity and beliefs, questioning the structures that define us, and rebuilding from the ground up. Cage's introspection is unflinchingly honest, addressing personal struggles, mental health issues, and the complexities of human relationships. His intense delivery and intricate wordplay create a compelling narrative, drawing listeners into a world of pain, redemption, and self-discovery.

Musically, the album is a sonic journey, blending elements of underground hip-hop with experimental and industrial influences. The production features dark and atmospheric beats, punctuated by gritty samples and haunting melodies, creating a sonic backdrop that perfectly complements Cage's lyrical content. The album's soundscapes are as haunting and complex as its themes, adding depth and intensity to the overall listening experience.

"Kill the Architect" stands out as a bold and uncompromising artistic statement, showcasing Cage's mastery of his craft and his willingness to explore the depths of human emotion and psyche. With its thought-provoking lyrics, innovative production, and raw emotional power, this album continues to resonate with listeners, solidifying Cage's reputation as one of the most influential and unique voices in the rap genre.


A1. Lamb Of Nothing
A2. F*** This Game
A3. Precipiss
A4. The Hunt
A5. In Your Fur

B1. You Were The S*** (In High School)
B2. Watch Me
B3. Cursed
B4. They Suck
B5. This Place

C1. Road Kill
C2. My Dog Is Dead
C3. I Don't Know You
C4. .

D1. Merry Mythras (Bonus Track)
D2. Wildfire Awaits (Bonus Track)
D3. F*** This Game (Bonus Track)
D4. You Were The Shit Remix



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