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Les De Merle - Spectrum (CD)

Les De Merle - Spectrum (CD)

Les De Merle
When Les De Merle released Spectrum in 1968, at age 22, his credentials as a musician were already impressive. Having been immersed in jazz culture from an early age, De Merle was already an accomplished bandleader by the time of the album's release, but Spectrum helped establish De Merle as not only a skillful, creative drummer on his own, but a composer/arranger adept in crafting a cohesive, intoxicating album. Spectrum is a prime example of his talents as a drummer and arranger, as, working with a large band, he gives tracks like “A Taste of Honey” and “A Day in the Life” (famously sampled by rapper O.C. for his classic 1994 single “Time's Up”) a polished, big sound reminiscent of Quincy Jones or David Axelrod. Having floated in and out of print for years, Get On Down is proud to present this rare gem from Les De Merle in a spectacular new edition, featuring digipak packaging and two bonus cuts that were not included on the original release.
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  • Les De Merle - Spectrum (CD)


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