Luminous Rubble (LP)


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Pressed on Black Vinyl

Blockhead presents his new album, Luminous Rubble: a true glance back across the KPM Library Music catalogue, to which the label Def Pressé and friends, including names like Damu the Fudgemunk, Stro Elliot (The Roots), J-Live, and now Blockhead, have been given exclusive access to for the Def Pressé Editions/KPM Crate Diggers series, on which artists are invited into a deep dive to choose samples from KPM’s iconic music and sound design library.

It’s a producer’s dream: Being given access to a vast library of material to construct something completely new and exciting out of all of it—and when Blockhead’s at the controls, the results are a listener’s paradise, too. The results are like witnessing a kid unleashed in a candy shop, as Blockhead unleashes his boundless creative mind on the KPM Library’s limitless potential—pure inspiration and joy, for your listening pleasure.

As is the case with many sample excavators, Blockhead already had a deep history with what the KPM library had to offer him—to the point where, while digging through the crates in the making of Luminous Rubble, he even came across records he’d sampled from in the past.

“Their vault is the one I’m most familiar with,” he says with a laugh. “Back when I used to go record shopping a lot, I would pretty much buy any KPM record on sight. They were always a huge find at record stores. So to be able to tap into these records with no limitations was really nice.”

“The challenge for me was trying to boil down what I wanted to do.  I thought about making an album of super-long songs, but it would’ve been a whole different undertaking. So I just went with what I knew, because it’s a foolproof approach to me.”

“I’ve always appreciated working within limitations,” he says. “Having no boundaries can be overwhelming when it comes to the creative process. Working with these samples forced me to find middle ground in cases where I’d typically just walk away and look elsewhere.”

After hearing Luminous Rubble, you’ll be happy he stuck around.


1. Badabing
2. Scumlord
3. Oh You Fancy
4. Move Witch
5. Dork Crystal
6. Homeward Browned Out
7. Serious About My Fitness
8. Zoomies
9. Fake Badge
10. Chill Pill


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