Magnetic Fields (LP)

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Entry #4: Dan Ubick (Connie Price & The Keystones, The Lions) explores the realms of Dramatic Soul. 

Madlib Invazion Music Library Series was created by Madlib and Egon to give their creative friends a chance to stretch out and indulge in whatever type of music they wanted. This music was created for easy, one-stop clearance in film and television synchronization usage and for sampling. Multi-track files are available upon request for key projects. You can also enjoy these albums in the way that many do with the best of the best vintage library catalogs – listen, ponder, repeat. 


1. The Leaves Are Turning 
2. La Seine À Minuit 
3. Gris Gris 
4. Sayonara 
5. Hearts Of Darkness 
6. Fine Like Wine 
7. Painted Skulls 
8. The Grotto 
9. Blackbirds 
10. Spanish Moss 
11. Black Coffee 
12. Fly Swatter 
13. Dawn Patrol 
14. Muitas Caipirinhas 
15. The Return 
16. El Escorpion 
17. Flooding 
18. The Villa 
19. Mojo Hand 
20. Antenna Up 
21. Flip Of A Switch 
22. Snakes In The Walls 
23. World On Wheels 
24. Magnetic Fields 
25. Mati Self Portrait 
26. Air Zaire 
27. Paranoid Void 
28. The Silver Queen 


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