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Metralleta (CD)

Metralleta (CD)


Metralleta (EP), CRIMEAPPLE’S first commercial release and fan-favorite, is now available on compact disc as a Digipack.  This is the third pressing of Metralleta on compact disc format, but the only Digipack version.

Produced entirely by Buck Dudley, this Digipack version features the original album artwork and seven tracks released by CRIMEAPPLE in 2017. 

Produced by Buck Dudley


1. Alleluia
2. Pacers
3. Spike Up
4. The Cookout
5. Thought You Should Know
6. Milk And Ladyfingers
7. Pop Shit

  • $15.98

  • Metralleta (CD)
  • Metralleta (CD)
  • Metralleta (CD)
  • Metralleta (CD)


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