Mochilla Presents: Timeless Arthur Verocai (2xLP)

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In 2009, Brian Cross (aka B+) organized a series of live events at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex in Los Angles. The Timeless series captured the lasting impact of several artists on the world of Hip Hop and beyond. Live fully orchestrated performances by Ethiopia’s Mulatu Astatke and Brazil's Arthur Verocai bookended the incredible Suite For Ma Dukes, a tribute to James "Dilla" Yancey, by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. These superb quality live recordings, now long out of print, are back in effect for 2021!

On Mochilla Presents: Timeless Arthur Verocai the Brazilian composer/arrange leads a full orchestra through his self-titled 1972 release. The result was stunning. Having just witnessed the show captured on this recording MF DOOM remarked "A true master conductor. Just as incredible live as recorded" with Madlib saying "I could listen to this music every day for the rest of my life."


A1. Karina
A2. Sylvia
A3. Dedicada a ela
A4. Velho Parente
B1. Presente Grego
B2. O Mapa
B3. Pelas Sombras
B4. Caboclo
B5. Seriado
B6. Filhos
C1. Queimadas
C2. Balada 45
C3. Sucuri
C4. Flying to LA
D1. O Tempo e o vento
D2. Isabel
D3. Bis
D4. Na Boca Do Sol


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