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Both Hip-Hop and Boot Camp Click purists alike have long recognized and appreciated Sean’s commanding delivery, powerful voice and clever verses (exemplified by Monkey Barz playful leadsingle Onion Head). With Ayatollah, Agallah, 9th Wonder, Nottz, & Khrysis contributing beats as well as guest appearances from the Boot Camp Click’s core members (Black Moon’s Buckshot & 5FT, Smif N Wesson’s Tek & Steele, O.G.C.’s Louieville Sluggah and Starang Wondah, Rustee Juxx and Sean’s Heltah Skeltah cohort Rock makes two cameo’s) the BCC collective was fully in-tact and operational for Sean Price’s 2005 solo-debut.

Monkey Barz was named Independent Album of the Year by and was the first release from Duck Down Records 2005 “Triple Threat Campaign”, followed by Buckshot & 9th Wonder’s Chemistry, and Smif-N-Wessun’s Smif ‘N’ Wessun: Reloaded, with many believing it was the most acclaimed of the three.


A1. Peep My Words
A2. One To Y'all
A3. Onion Head (feat. Tek)
A4. Fake Neptune (feat. Buckshot, Louieville & Steele)

B1. Heartburn
B2. Shake Down (feat. Starang Wondah & Steele)
B3. Mad Mann
B4. Brokest Rapper You Know

C1. Boom Bye Yeah
C2. I Love You (B*tch)
C3. Bye Bye (feat. Buckshot)
C4. Spliff N Wessun (feat. Rustee Juxx)

D1. Jail Shit (feat. Rock)
D2. Monkey Barz
D3. Slap Boxing (feat. Rock & Rustee Juxx)
D4. Rising To The Top


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