More About Nothing (Colored 2xLP)

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Limited Edition pressed on split black and white vinyl with alternate cover art. 

With help from Jerry Seinfeld himself, one of the classics from the mixtape era, Wale's More About Nothing sees it's first official release on CD & Vinyl. Originally released in 2008, the album is nothing short of a masterpiece in his celebrated catalog, and features appearances from then-budding artists Wiz Khalifa & Fat Trel, among others. True fans of the musician will undoubtedly know how crucial this project is to the culture; a Jerry Seinfeld collaboration with Wale finally available for all.


1 The MC
2 The Soup
3 The Breeze (Cool) (Feat. Tre´ & Wiz Khalifa)
4 The Friends N Strangers (Feat. Tre´)
5 The Number Won (Competition)
6 The War (Feat. Daniel Merriweather)
7 The Breakup Song
8 The Work (Workin')
9 The Black N Gold
10 The Manipulation 2
11 The Best in the League (Feat. Kevin Durant)
12 The Posse Cut (Who Don't) (Feat. Black Cobain & Fat Trel)
13 The Guilty Pleasure (Interlude)
14 Ambitious Girl
15 The Motivation (B Right)
16 The Cloud (Feat. Tiara Thomas)
17 The Power (Feat. Avery Storm)


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