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More Soup / Franks And Beans (Feat. MF DOOM) (7")

More Soup / Franks And Beans (Feat. MF DOOM) (7")

Moka Only

Black Vinyl 7" Import Single 

Produced by SixToo, and with a special instrumental re-make by the super producers Potatohead People, Moka & DOOM’s classic “More Soup” is finally available on wax! The b-side features another Moka Only classic “Franks And Beans”, which was previously only available on the Japanese only Dirty Jazz release. 

Moka’s illustrious career has featured hundreds of releases over his 30 years of recording music. After conquering the underground for years, in 2005 he made his first major label release, The Desired Effect (released in Japan as Dirty Jazz). The CD featured a plethora of collaborations including 2 legends: J DILLA and MF DOOM!

  • $19.99

  • More Soup / Franks And Beans (Feat. MF DOOM) (7")


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