Mosaico (LP)

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Francesco Anselmo, also known as Lee Selmoco, Dorsey Dodd, Alex Brown, Arsenio Bracco, or Tommy Ruff, is an Italian keyboardist who covered the role of artistic director for Vedette Records, a historical Italian imprint founded by director and violinist Armando Sciascia, and also recorded for its notorious Phase 6 Super Stereo, its sub-label focused on instrumental records and production music.

"Mosaico (Le Tastiere Di Lee Selmoco)" is an incredible display of his creative and composing skills, featuring 14 tracks of what could be classified as "happy music", with killer electric organ and rhythms alternating with fuzzy guitars and spacey / psychedelic hints thrown in for good measures, written alongside Guido Baggiani, alias Ruscigan. We are very happy to start a series of reissues from the Vedette Records catalog with the first ever reissue of this title 50 years from its original release, and since the original pressing did not feature the correct track listing, it is reissued here for the first time in its correct version!


A1. Ora Di Punta (Ruscigan)
A2. Sin Palabras (Ruscigan)
A3. Sole Rosso (Ruscigan)
A4. Il Giorno Dopo (Ruscigan)
A5. Festa Al Quartiere (Ruscigan)
A6. Ansiedad (Ruscigan)
A7. Chemin De Fer (Selmoco)
B1. Itinerario B. (Ruscigan)
B2. Semplice E Bella (Ruscigan)
B3. Fuoco Freddo (Ruscigan)
B4. Parentesi (Ruscigan)
B5. Corner (Ruscigan)
B6. Verso Sud-Ovest (Ruscigan)
B7. Spag E Spig (Selmoco)


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