Never Satisfied: The Complete Works 1968-1983 (2xLP)

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 Legendary soul and funk singles from Atlanta guitarist/singer/songwriter Richard Marks. Includes previously unreleased tracks.

Seven years in the making, Never Satisfied is our collection of legendary soul and funk singles by Atlanta Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Richard Marks. This 21 track anthology follows Marks' stylistic development, from his earliest work for the legendary Tuska label, from 1968 until approximately 1972, through his more mature releases on the Shout label and smaller regional labels like Note, Free Spirit and RSC. It also includes two tracks never released in any form, found on reels Marks had maintained in his Atlanta home.

Marks' story is that on an unsung soul and funk hero; a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter whose number was in Al Green's, Barry White's and Eddie Kendricks' rolodexes, but whose talents have only been heard in sporadic bursts since his 45s were released and disappeared into Atlanta's urban expanse. This is the story of a father and husband who managed to keep his family together as he gigged the third shift six nights a week. The story of a man who wished for more and whose talent is overdue for reassessment. He and his music are unknown to the majority, but to an obsessive minority, he is a lightning rod, that singular point at which numerous Southern soul and funk musicians converged and exploded, spreading wondrous music in all directions. Marks’ impeccable run of 7” singles, released largely on tiny, local labels, are the stuff of legend, and are hen’s-teeth-rare. Marks died of cancer in May of 2006, never having issued an album, either in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when many of his peers were able to find a way to issue an LP, or in anthology form in his later years. He never granted an interview. Given the caliber of his recordings and the near complete lack of information available about him before the issue of this anthology, Marks stands out as the most mysterious talent to originate from Atlanta, a city that birthed no shortage of genius, from acclaimed worldwide (the Mighty Hannibal), obscure yet celebrated (Lee Moses) and local, but well documented (Tommy Stewart).


A1 Funky Fingers 
A2 Boom Boom 
A3 Funky Four Corners (Vocal) 
A4 Funky Four Corners (Instrumental) 
A5 Crackerjack 
A6 I’m The Man For You 
B1 Never Satisfied 
B2 Did You Ever Lose Something 
B3 You Ain’t No Good 
B4 Why Did You Leave Me? 
B5 Mr Santa Claus (Santa Claus Helping Hand) 
C1 Home For The Holidays (Mother’s Wish For Christmas) 
C2 Don’t Take It Out On Me 
C3 Love Is Gone 
C4 Ups And Downs 
C5 Living My Life (Day To Day) 
D1 Speak Now 
D2 Purple Haze 
D3 Innocent Bystander (Vocal) 
D4 Pretty Woman Pass On By 
D5 I’m With You Love


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