Efil4zaggin (LP)

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 The second and final studio album from the World's Most Dangerous Group minus Ice Cube was released in 1991. Dr. Dre stepped up his production perfecting his incorporation of live instrumentation recreations of the samples for a more polished sound.  MC Ren, Eazy-E, and Dr Dre trade lurid tales with appearances from Above The Law, Lil Nation of CPO (aka Boss Hogg), Kokane along with The D.O.C. writing more than half the album and making an appearance with his post-accident raspy voice on the sketch Don't Drink That Wine.  Even Warren G makes an appearance on the Compton County jail skit 1-900-2Compton which was a real number you could call back in the day with your parent's permission of course, call it up and you'd get to hear this


A1. Real Niggaz Don't Die
A2. Niggaz 4 Life
A3. Protest
A4. Appetite For Destruction
A5. Don't Drink That Wine
A6. Alwayz Into Somethin'
A7. To Kill A Hooker
A8. One Less Bitch

B1. Findum, Fuckum & Flee
B2. Automobile
B3. She Swallowed It
B4. I'd Rather Fuck You
B5. Approach To Danger
B6. 1-900-2 Compton
B7. The Dayz Of Wayback



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