O.G. Original Gangster (LP)

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Music On Vinyl Import on 180 G Vinyl 

4th Studio album from Ice-T originally released in 1991. Features New Jack Hustler from the movie New Jack City and the first appearance of Ice-T's hardcore metal band Bodycount.  Ice-T is the epitome of antidisestblishmentarianism who embodies the entire spectrum of the Urban experience and struggle. Also the dopest, flyest, O.G. pimp, hustler, gangster, player hardcore Motherfucker living today!  No skips here! 


A1. First Impression
A2. Ziplock
A3. New Jack Hustler (feat. DJ Aladdin)
A4. Bitches 2 (feat. Charlie Jam)
A5. Straight Up N*gga (feat. DJ Aladdin)
A6. O.G. Original Gangster
A7. The House

B1. Evil E - What About Sex?
B2. Fly By (feat. Donald D & Nat The Cat)
B3. Fried Chicken (feat. Prince Whipper Whip)
B4. Lifestyles Of The Rich & Infamous (feat. Sean E. Mac)
B5. Body Count (feat. Beatmaster V, Ernie C, D. Rock & Moose Man)
B6. Prepared To Die
B7. Escape From The Killing Fields
B8. The Tower (feat. Al Patrone, Mello & Sean E. Sean)
B9. Ya Shoulda Killed Me Last Year


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