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Out Of Work (12")

Out Of Work (12")

Jesse Gould

There is no doubt Peter Browns P&P is one hell of an eclectic label. Enter Jesse Goulds Powerful protest song Out of Work. A song that could have easily fit better at the Harlem Cultural Festival in the summer of 69 than at a Disco in 77. A regular at David Mancusos Loft, this fast-paced Funk Jam Borderlines Disco. However more Sly Stone than Disco Inferno, the realities of Harlem were all here on display. Produced and arranged by Billy Nichols, Out of Work showcases the qualities that made him famous - Funky Rhythms rooted from his time at Motown, Big Strings and special attention to the Drum Section. Another incredibly rare record, another incredible opportunity to own what the Disco Black Market has priced for more than a Days Work minimum wage.

  • $14.98

  • Out Of Work (12")
  • Out Of Work (12")
  • Out Of Work (12")
  • Out Of Work (12")


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