Percussion Explosion! (CD)

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As a group, Herman Kelly & Life had a relatively short life span. Releasing only a single album, Percussion Explosion!, in 1978, the Miami-based band didnt have as much immediate success as some of their contemporaries. But with a single, inescapable song, they managed to forever become a part of music history. Their funky, upbeat single Dance to the Drummers Beat became one of the most recognizable and frequently used breaks in hip-hop history, used in songs by legendary artists like Run-DMC, Public Enemy, N.W.A., 2 Live Crew, Whodini and DJ Shadow, and was featured in the famed Ultimate Breaks & Beats series. Get On Down is proud to present Percussion Explosion! in a newly refurbished edition, featuring Dance to the Drummers Beat plus other hit singles Whos the DJ and Do the Funky Hambone, with a new digital transfer remastered from the original analog tapes.


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