Pieces (Best of Dojo Cuts) (LP)

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After half a century of constant development, inspiration and hothouse flowerings, certain genres have found their perfect expression – soul-funk is one of them. Dojo Cuts are one perfect expression of this perfect expression. Lean, mean and heavy (in the true sense) there is not a bass-note or hi-hat-beat out of place – everything is slave to the groove, and what grooves they are! Working from, and building upon, the original late 60s/early 70s Stax/Atlantic template, Dojo Cuts are the undisputed champions of the soul sound. Dojo Cuts go route 1 to your soul. With this Best of album, Pieces, Dojo Cuts has hugged our hearts and made us thank the universe for James Brown, Otis Redding and all the soul saints in heaven for this music. Take a listen, have a dance, heal your hurt.


A1        Easy To Come Home    
A2        Rome    
A3        I Don't Want To Wait    
A4        Take From Me    
A5        Falling In Love Again    
A6        This Life    
B1        Sometimes It Hurts    
B2        Crazy Good (feat. Roxane Hartog)    
B3        I Can Give    
B4        You'll Be Sorry (Kate McQuade)    
B5        Lift Me Up    
B6        Love Me Right (Lola's Lament)



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