Rich (Colored LP)

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Pressed at 45 RPM on 140-gram vinyl, housed in 24pt reverse board jackets

Angel Del Villar II, professionally known as Homeboy Sandman, has had a long-standing music career by virtue of his exceptional work ethic and dedication to the craft. He has released timeless projects with prominent record labels such as Stones Throw, Rhymesayers, and Mello Music Group garnering millions of streams worldwide and critical acclaim from a myriad of publications. Throughout this time, Homeboy Sandman’s life has been composed of many diverse stages, both good and bad, all of which is reflected in his music. These life phases have led him to the latest chapter in his career and led him to create his new album.

Recorded over the past three years, Rich is Homeboy Sandman’s greatest project to-date, his magnum opus. The inspiration behind the album is layered in introspection and personal growth. Combating the urge to feel regret and frustration at being duped by society for so long, being surrounded by mass hypnosis and watching people he admires dedicate themselves to blind obedience, breaking an addiction to a relationship that brought the worst out of him, struggling with his identity to now realizing that he is rich. The true meaning of “rich” which he defines as, “God. Love. Freedom. Talent. Magic. Health. Truth.” He continues, “Walking with God, being free, finding oneself and finding love is what real richness is.”

Rich is fully produced by New York beatmaker Mono En Stereo, whom Homeboy Sandman has frequently collaborated with in the past and whom he considers to be his twin flame. The difference now is that Homeboy Sandman is rapping at the highest level we’ve seen thus far, which makes this collaboration truly special. "Mono and I did Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent, and I was early in my growth. I was thinking, but I was still easily duped by decoy empowerment. We did Dusty, and I was spiritually very weak, but that was necessary for me to rebound and make breakthroughs. Now the breakthroughs have been made. I can finally tap into and wield this Mono magic like never before." Mono–known for his work with Your Old Droog, Prodigy, De La Soul, Action Bronson–delivers a masterclass in beatmaking providing a wide variety of soundscapes throughout the 11-track album.

“When it comes to underground rap veterans who have remained both prolific and reliable, Homeboy Sandman doesn’t have much in the way of competition."-Pitchfork

"Homeboy Sandman resumes his onslaught of releases with Rich, an album filled with analytical observations of self and the world around him."-VIBE Magazine

"Longtime fans know he isn’t one to waste any bars, and Rich is some of Sandman’s best."-HipHopDX

“[Rich] finds the long-respected MC at the peak of his lyrical ability—smart, down-to-earth and deeply relatable.”-Rock The Bells


1. Fine
2. Bop
3. Therapy
4. Off the Rip
5. Biology
6. Then We Broke Up
7. Nevermind Pt. 2
8. Loner
9. Crazy
10. He Didn't Do Anything
11. Who Are You?


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