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Rappin' With Rickster (DVD)

Rappin' With Rickster (DVD)

Ricky Powell
Oh snap! Heavily bootlegged for years on VHS, Ricky Powell’s early 90s Rappin’ With The Rickster cable access show gave insight into the world of the foulmouthed, trouble-making New York City scenester. But this ain’t your cousin’s bootlegs - What you hold in your hand are carefully selected “best of” moments from the series, lifted straight off of Ricky’s vintage analog
masters and delivered right to your brain stem courtesy of the fine folks at Five Day Weekend. In addition to this incredible slice of vintage NYC street culture, the Rickster wanted to take it a step further with this release. We brought him back in the studio to get his Dean Martin on, hosting commentary over a virtual slideshow of his favorite pics from his ziploc bag full of slides. If that isn’t the icing on the cake... we also laced him with a new camera, got him feeling nice, and turned him loose on Greenwich Village on some 2010 Rickster steez. So we got the new... and we got the old. And yeah yeah... it’s real cool to be retro these days... but for every thousand emulators there’s only one innovator... Ricky Powell is the mandingus general... The lazy hustler supreme. So don’t be a jerkoff. Cop the DVD or keep it moving.
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  • Rappin' With Rickster (DVD)


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