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As 1960s groups go The Youngbloods are not as widely remembered as other bands that came and went during the time. Despite this, the psychedelic folk rock group remains an indelible and iconic part of the decade, if only for their Billboard-topping single "Get Together". On top of this, The Youngbloods had a wealth of acclaimed albums and songs that earned them high marks from critics, if not the record sales and prominence of contemporaries like The Byrds or Buffalo Springfield.

Beyond their studio recordings, The Youngbloods were renowned among certain circles for their live shows, whose energy and warmth were often mentioned in the same breath as live legends like The Grateful Dead or Quicksilver Messenger Service. Their live disc Ride The Wind (Released after a similarly different live album) captures this warmth and energy handily, featuring extended jams and interplay that otherwise would go unnoticed across studio recordings. The joyous performances and laid-back melodies on Ride The Wind are infectious stretches of country-rock psychedelia, including a more xploratory, jazzier version of their famed hit "Get Together."


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