Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires (LP)

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Rids the World of the Curse of the Vampires (1981) not only ably displays Scientist's varied approach, but also clocks in as one of his best outings. Scientist keeps things lively with plenty of reverb and echo-treated percussion, ghostly piano parts, video game sound effects, and other wobbly interjections from the mixing board. The record's expert evocation of the Halloween spirit also includes some fiendishly-voiced intros, the cover art's cartoon potpourri of horror film characters, and the dubious claim made in the liner notes that Scientist mixed it all at midnight on Friday the 13th. Along with Keith Hudson's Pick a Dub (1974) and Lee Perry's Blackboard Jungle Dub (1973), this is one of the essential dub albums.


01. The Voodoo Curse 
02. Dance of the Vampires 
03. Blood On His Lips 
04. Cry of the Werewolf 
05. The Mummy's Shroud 
06. The Corpse Rises 
07. Night of the Living Dead
08. Your Teeth In My Neck
09. Plague of Zombies 
10. Ghost of Frankenstein


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