Rocamerikka (CD)

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Flee Lord and Eto both have the streets on fire right now. So, the announcement they were working on a joint album dubbed “RocAmeriKKKa” sent fans into a frenzy. The title alludes to the duo’s hometowns of Rochester and Far Rockaway, as well as Ice Cube’s classic “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.”

These two venom spitters recruited many of their regular collaborators to provide the soundscapes on this offering, including V Don, godBLESSbeatz, Tricky Trippz, Fith, and Big French. However, to spark
off the LP they got a beat from the god Green Lantern! Further, they kept the guests to a minimum, choosing to only invite 38 Spesh and singer Imanii Skyy to get down.

When New Crack Era and Loyalty Or Death connect, you know it’s gonna be trouble!

Executive produced by 38 Spesh
Cover by Manuel "Cep" Concepcion

1. Don’t Get Lined Up (prod. by DJ Green Lantern)
2. Roc Connectin’ f/ 38 Spesh (prod. by TrickyTrippz)
3. Felon Paper (prod. by Eto)
4. 44 Long (prod. by Melks)
5. Mob Ties (prod. by JR Swiftz)
6. Out The Mud (prod. by Graph Wize)
7. In The Lobby (prod. by V Don)
8.V Music (prod. by godBLESS Beatz)
9. Strip Talk (prod. by Big French)
10. Past The Curb f/ Imanii Skyy (prod. by Fith)


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