Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater (CD)

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If you were a 70s baby growing up in the 80s, the only thing that ran you back in the house was the streetlights coming on and the Saturday afternoon drive-in movie. No matter what you were doing, everything stopped by 3:00 p.m. And as you waited for the kung fu flick to begin, you prayed that it would be the one with the Shaolin monks or dudes rocking long hair. The hero gets beaten... training with bamboo and buckets of water... pupil masters the skill and defeats the evil clansmen. And when it was all over, you swore you could do everything you saw. Furniture and younger siblings paid at the hands of your newly found golden arms. From the tv to your eyes and then your soul, this was an experience. Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater is a call back to when albums were thematically crafted like a good book and sequencing meant something. It is intentional from start to finish. As much as Scratch has rekindled the feeling, Rza's lyricism is that of a marksman. He displays depth in his wordplay and showcases the evolution of his alter ego Bobby Digital on the title track and Never Love Again. Rza's delivery is in the pocket, and his content is poignant and purposeful. On Fisherman, Pugilism, and Fate of The World, it's clear that Rza is making the statement that the Zig-Zag-Zig, Allah, has neither lost a step nor his way. There is much to unpack, and in each line, you get a glimpse of his life which unveils another layer in the legend of the abbot. In this offering, you get inspiration, wisdom, fun, and data over something that is sonically beautiful and satisfying. Much like what DJ Scratch and RZA sought out to do in their respective careers, the fans are receiving a project done simply out of the love of hip hop. Not for a check, the charts, or any accolades. This is emceeing over heavy basslines and drums that will make your soul shift. After your first listen, you will remember where you were when it dropped for the first time. Wu-Tang is forever. 


 1 Intro - Bobby Digital Vs Rza
2 Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater
3 Pugilism
4 Never Love Again
5 Fate of the World
6 Fisherman
7 Kaiju


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