Sex Style - 25th Anniversary Edition (Colored 2xLP)

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Pressed on Double Vinyl with Pink & Blue Splatter on a Frost base, and Housed in a Matte Finished Gatefold printed with the Lyrics!
Limited to 300
Get On Down only has 20 of these!

25 years ago Kool Keith and KutMasta Kurt created an album that was considered "so over-the-top nasty, you might want to handle it with surgical gloves”  it was also said "Sex Style plays like an amateur porn film so it’s only natural Keith describes the album as  ‘pornocore,' an experiment in sexual excess that more than delivers on its premise” And the production lead by KutMasta Kurt was called  "woofer-shaking funk that you'll definitely want to roll with”. 

To celebrate this albums' 25th Bday we’re offering a very limited edition of 300 2LPs world-wide. The vinyl set is sheathed in a matte gatefold that opens to reveal the printed lyrics; so you can rap along if inclined!  The discs come with pink and blue splatter over a frost palette. This special edition was designed for the dedicated fans and collectors who truly value the music, art and collectability in Sex Style's sexiest iteration yet.



A1 Intro
A2 Sex Style
A3 Don't Crush It
A4 Make Up Your Mind
B1 Sly We Fly
B2 Plastic World
B3 Stuck On Pussy Drive
B4 Regular Girl
C1 The Mack Is Back
C2 What's He Like?
C3 Still The Best
C4 In Your Face
D1 Lick My Ass
D2 Keep It Real...Represent
D3 Little Girls
D4 After The Club
D5 Lovely Lady



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