Slammin' Theez Hoz (CD)

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SWE is excited to announce the reissue of legendary NOLA rapper/producer Ice Mike's sophomore album "Slammin' Theez Hoz" originally released back in 1994 on CD and Tape only. It was time to revisit this classic and we did it in a major way. All tracks were taken from the OG DATS and we have included 3 bonus tracks on top! One previously unreleased track that was recorded around 1996-1997 and 2 tracks where Ice Mike is going off on the wheels of steels cutting it up.

If you don't know about this album many years ago J-Zone put together a compilation of the filthiest, nastiest rap songs he could find and Ice Mike made the cut. This album is currently not commercially available on streaming services.


1 Life Of A Pimp
2 All Good My Nigga
3 Fuckin All U Slippin' Niggaz Hoez Feat. Jr. Mack
4 Welcome 2 Da Real World
5 Tray 8 Left A Message
6 I Shitted N Dat Hoe House
7 Laughing After Death
8 That Hoe Got Feet Like A Nigga
9 And It's Like Dat
10 What The Ghetto Has To Offer
11 I Tell It Like It Iz
12 Bun B. Left A Message
13 Mary Jane
14 Tales From The Ghetto
15 R.I.P. 2 The V.I.P.

Bonus Tracks:

16 Now Let The Beat Kick (Scratch To This)
17 Fuck U Good (Previously Unreleased)
18 Watch Ur Girl


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