Slime Wave 2 (LP)

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"Slime Wave 2" is the highly anticipated sequel to Hus Kingpin's 2019 album, immersing listeners into the gritty, yet hypnotic world of one of the waviest MC’s in underground hip-hop. Building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, this album pushes boundaries, blending intricate lyricism with captivating production to create an auditory journey like no other. Backed by an array of talented producers, the album's beats range from soulful and jazz-infused to hard-hitting and gritty, providing the perfect backdrop for Hus Kingpin's lyrical prowess. Each track is a sonic masterpiece, meticulously crafted to evoke a range of emotions and keep listeners captivated from start to finish. "Slime Wave 2" features a killer lineup of guest appearances, adding layers of depth and diversity to the album's sonic landscape, with Bala No Judas, Shyheim, Supreme Cerebral, Skrilla and Tritty joining Hus on this journey. Behind the boards, a stellar lineup of producers brings their A-game to "Slime Wave 2," ensuring a diverse and immersive listening experience. From the legendary Madlib's signature soulful soundscapes to the gritty, boom-bap vibes of Macapella, Owltree, and Manny Megz, each producer leaves their indelible mark on the album, creating a rich tapestry of beats that perfectly complement Hus Kingpin's lavish lyricism.

A1. Halloween Hus (Prod. Owltree)
A2. The Darker Knight Ft. Skrilla, Supreme Cerebral (Prod. Owltree)
A3. Rio De Dinheiro Ft. Bala No Judas (Prod. Madlib)
A4. Star Voyager (Prod. Johnny Slash)
A5. Pray 4 Me (Prod. Poppa Infizzi)
A6. Jimmy Jump Pt. 2 (Prod. Infitada Beats)
B1. Eagle Wings (Prod. Coley Beats)
B2. Murder Ink Ft. Tritty (Prod. Jotabit)
B3. Purple (Prod. Macapella)
B4. Slime Wave God (Prod. Relense)
B5. Who Made You Look Ft. Shyheim (Shaolin Remix) (Prod. Manny Megz)


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