Space Beyond The Solar System (3xLP)

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MC/Lyricist Raw Poetic (aka Jason Moore) announces Space Beyond The Solar System, his new album and its lead single, “A Mile In My Head,” featuring legendary saxophonist Archie Shepp. Although Space Beyond The Solar System could be considered a concept album by its outcome, its inception started from a string of experiments between Moore and frequent collaborator/producer Damu the Fudgemunk. These initial sessions had no specific direction but became the catalyst for what would become a prolific wave of Raw Poetic projects; five of which have been released since 2020.

It was these initial sessions and the demos they produced that convinced Shepp - who is also Raw Poetic’s uncle - to record what would eventually become 2020’s Ocean Bridges, a collaborative album from Raw, Damu, and Shepp, praised by The FADER as a “modern masterpiece at the intersection of rap and jazz.” The trio’s collaboration continues on Space Beyond The Solar System, which boasts three tracks featuring the jazz legend, including “A Mile In My Head,” a sprawling and thought-provoking album stand-out.

At two hours, absorbing Space Beyond in its entirety may be overwhelming for most, especially in the present day, but Raw and Damu are very aware of this. With a total of over 40-plus years of experience between the vocalist and producer, the two of them went down memory lane taking every influence and experience in their personal histories to extract ingredients for a groundbreaking statement. Space Beyond The Solar System is their most comprehensive environment to date.

The creation of Space Beyond sparked a conversation between Raw and Damu about their creative chemistry, with Raw likening their direction to a “space beyond the solar system.” His comment was a eureka moment for the two artists, giving their wandering efforts a sense of definition that was needed. “I think we’ve been exploring music beyond our limits for a few years,” says Raw Poetic. “It’s hard to tell where we’ll land, but we are constantly pushing our way out of the norm. Hence the title, Space Beyond the Solar System. It’s just to say, this is new territory for us. Where the sky was once the limit, now it’s just the start.”


1. Young Poet Be Free
2. Houdini’s Spell
3. Digits
4. Freak
5. A Mile In My Head (Feat. Archie Shepp)
6. Blank Canvas (Feat. Archie Shepp)
7. How I Kick It
8. The Uh Huh
9. Clouds
10. The Gift
11. Rustic
12. Two Seconds Til’
13. The Life In It
14. A Lost Season
15. 21st Century Moses
16. Anthem (Feat. Archie Shepp)
17. Anecdote Island


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