Sunset Blvd (2xLP)

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KingUnderground & Delicious Vinyl present a lovingly re-issued version of this sought after & seminal hip-hop record, with all beats by J Dilla, featuring Common, Talib Kweli, Posdnuos, T-3 & Guilty Simpson, and the first time re-issued on vinyl since 2013. Back in 2008, just two years after James Yancey aka J Dilla's passing, Mike Ross, founder of Delicious Vinyl, presented J Dilla's mother Maureen Yancey (aka Ma Dukes), with a vault of unreleased beats from her late son. Following Dilla's childhood friend (and longtime collaborator) Frank Nitty (Of Frank N' Dank) was a part of a group of confidants, who lovingly went through the treasure chest of music, formulating a tribute to their departed friend the best way they knew how.

With hundreds upon hundreds of instrumentals to choose from, Nitty and Dilla's brother Illa J narrowed the pile down to a collection of about 50 tracks, some of which would become the building blocks of their debut 2013 Yancey Boys album, 'Sunset Blvd'.


1 Dilltro (Featuring Dank)
2 Fisherman (Featuring J. Rocc, Vice and Detroit Serious)
3 Lovin' U (Featuring Eric Roberson)
4 Go and Ask the DJ (Featuring Guilty Simpson and J. Rocc)
5 Jeep Volume (Featuring T3 and C-Minus)
6 Flowers (Featuring Niko Gray, Talib Kweli and Rhettmatic)
7 Honk Ya Horn (Featuring J. Pinder)
8 Slippin' (Featuring Early Mac)
9 Without Wings
10 Beautiful (Featuring Posdnuos and Botni Applebum)
11 Quicksand (Featuring Common and Dezi Paige)
12 Rock My World (Featuring Slimkid3 and Niko Gray)
13 The Throwaway
14 This Evening


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