Technics Chainsaw Massacre (3xLP)

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Note these records are new and sealed but have some jacket corner damage, but if you are into this type of music you ain't buying to keep it sealed, but to cut em up on your turntables. 

Bomb Hip-Hop known for their underground hip-hop comps in the 90s and their Return of the DJ turntablism showcase series put out this 3xLP set of England's turntablist crew Jeep Beat Collective full of boom bap beats and turntable wizardry. 


A1 Trapped 
A2 Cosmic Symphony 
A3 Summer In Space (Edit) 
A4 Superhero 
B1 The Scratch Assassin 
B2 Stop Ya Skemes (JB Scatch Remix) 
B3 The Tekno Hater 
C1 The Bomb Drops (Ext. Remix) 
C2 The Bomb Drops (Pt2 Electrostyle) 
C3 The Bomb Drops (Pt3 The Funk Track) 
D1 Hip Hop Hate Pt3 
D2 Hip Hop Hope Pt4 
D3 Nah, Nope It's Dope 
D4 Scream - Boomsday Of Rap 
E1 4 Wheel Kombat 
E2 Relax Yo Mind 
E3 B Boys Breakdance Forever (Ext. Remix) 
F1 The Stroboscope Syndrome 
F2 Attack Of The Wildstyle Beatfreak (4pt Megamix)



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