The 38 Strategies Of Raw (CD)

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38 Spesh Is Already Gunning For AOTY With His Best Work To Date, 38 Strategies of Raw

Rochester, New York, February 25th, 2019 - 38 Spesh’s buzz is running through the industry like a wild fire right now. While this MC/producer/entrepreneur is not some overnight success that just appeared on the scene, many music critics only became aware of him last year. In fact, Flour City recording artists like Eto, Pounds, and 38 Spesh have been out here delivering quality product for more than a decade. Being a native of Rochester, DJ Green Lantern has been attempting to shed light on the area’s talent for 10 years+ as well. And he has consistently worked with Spesh since as far back as 2005.

Spesh was lured back to the streets while Trap was dominating the airwaves and Hip-Hop sales. But when he saw his homies like Benny The Butcher and Eto starting to make waves around 2017, he knew the time was right for a comeback. He made his return in grand fashion in 2018 by dropping collab projects with  Mafioso rap godfather Kool G. Rap, Buffalo’s most buzzing, Benny, and The Jacka’s (RIP) protege, Joe Blow. Then, he sparked 2019 with two drops before February 2.

The first release was an EP titled 5 Shots, which was a warm up to get fans ready for his imminent opus. Then on February 1st he laced listeners with an album to silence the naysayers and satisfy the diehards, 38 Strategies of Raw. Spesh produced almost half this offering and he gets busy on the mic on all 11 joints. Guests include Fred The Godson, Benny The Butcher, Ransom, Klass Murda, Che Noir, and Green Double, and they all bring their A-game for this special affair. Make sure not to miss standout tracks “Soul Pain,” “TrustGang,” “Dark Night,” “Menace,” and “Family,” although skipping any of the songs here would be a mistake. 38 is also the mastermind behind the TCF (Trust Comes First) Music Group, which boasts a roster that includes Spesh himself, Buffalo vet Klass Murda, and female phenom Che Noir. 2019 is all about TRUST!!


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