The Art Of Reanimation (LP)

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“The Art Of Reanimation” album is a project by West Coast emcee and member of the legendary Hieroglyphics crew, Casual with production anomaly/executive producer DEAD PERRY.

The result is an eighteen-track deep affair that both remixes tracks from his Casual's “Big Head Science” LP from 2020 and includes four new tracks. Production is primarily handled by DEAD PERRY who tends to create darker and more claustrophobic soundscapes that you don’t usually hear Casual flow on. However PERRY also enlists long-time ally L Nasty to tackle a handful of tracks bringing the listener up for some air.

As PERRY says of the vision for the album "I wanted the beats to cater to the hardcore Hieroglyphics fan but still keep a certain level of grime so my own style would stay apparent on the album."

Also enlisted for the project is turntablists DJ TMB and DJ Jason D who aid cuts to a number of tracks as well as a plethora of legendary emcees and notables from the recent boom-bap renaissance. Featured guests include Ghostface Killah, Planet Asia, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, ETO, Celph Titled, Crimeapple, Rockness Monsta, Phesto, Tristate, P-Dirt, J-Spliff, MC Wicks and more.!


A1. Shut S**t down
A2. On They Head REMIX (DPV) feat. DJ TMB
A3. The Gift Of Science REMIX (DPV) feat. DJ TMB, Phesto, Planet Asia, Tristate, MC Wicks, Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest
A4. The Bar Code REMIX (DPV)
A5. Tell Me What’s Shakin REMIX (DPV) feat. Izrell, DJ Jason D
A6. When I Ain’t Around REMIX (DPV)

B1. Nothin To Toy With feat. P Dirt, ETO, Crimeapple
B2. The Kings Table REMIX (DPV) feat. Rame Royal
B3. Raw feat. P Dirt, Rockness Monsta, DJ Jason D
B4. Never Say It To Us REMIX (DPV) feat. Izrell
B5. Run For Cover feat. Daniel Son, Celph Titled, J Spliff
B6. Good Game REMIX (DPV)


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