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The Cactus Album (LP)*

The Cactus Album (LP)

3rd Bass

The debut album from MC Serch and Prime Minister "Sinister" Pete Nice...with MF DOOM's first appearance when he was Zev Love X 


A1. Stymie's Theme
A2. Sons Of 3rd Bass
A3. Russell Rush
A4. The Gas Face (feat. Zev Love X)
A5. Monte Hall
A6. Oval Office
A7. Hoods
A8. Soul In The Hole
A9. Triple Stage Darkness
A10. M.C. Disagree

B1. Wordz Of Wizdom
B2. Product Of The Environment
B3. Desert Boots
B4. The Cactus
B5. Jim Backus
B6. Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball
B7. Brooklyn-Queens
B8. Steppin' To The A.M.
B9. Episode #3
B10. Who's On Third

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  • The Cactus Album (LP)*
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