The Gospel According To Zeus (CD)

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When one thinks of Motown Records, heavy guitar riffs and psychedelic rock is not the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps thats why Power of Zeuss The Gospel According to Zeus, the debut rock release by Motown subsidiary Rare Earth Records and the Detroit bands first and only full-length album, has achieved mythological status in the years since its release in 1970.

Marked by the virtuoso guitar work of Joe Periano, Power of Zeus create an album that merges the high-concept songwriting of Pink Floyd with the tight, powerful arrangements of Black Sabbath; see the slow psychedelic dirge Green Grass & Clover or the raw energy of Sorcerer of Isis for examples. Initially disregarded by critics and audiences, Gospel has since been recognized as a classic album and become a much sought-after collectors piece, representing the lone, great effort from a band later torn apart by drug abuse and in-fighting.

Get On Down is proud to present this forgotten gem as it was intended to be heard, with a new digital audio transfer from the original analog tapes.


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