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The Hardcore Composer (LP)

The Hardcore Composer (LP)

Dom Dirtee

Worldwide renowned for his artwork, Brooklyn based artist / producer Dom Dirtee’s debut album THE HARDCORE COMPOSER contains 10 songs of all-original music composed and played by Dom Dirtee and features only heavyweight MCs like Lil Fame (of M.O.P.), Paul Wall, Termanology, Millyz, Planet Asia, Nems, UFO Fev, Anoyd, Illa Ghee, and more.


The Hardcore Composer (feat. Illa Ghee)
Kill Switch (feat. Lil Fame & Teflon (Of M.O.P.))
Cookin' It (feat. Termanology & UFO Fev)
No Celebs (feat. Nems, Termanology, & UFO Fev)
Do It (feat. Superstah Snuk)
Who's The Wisest (feat. Fabeyon & Ea$y Money)
They Know Me (feat. Ren Thomas & Anoyd)
You Wouldn't Understand (feat. Paul Wall & Millyz)
Bad Habits (feat. Tristate & Planet Asia)
Shark Bait (feat. Illa Ghee)
Kill Switch (Instrumental)

  • $27.50

  • The Hardcore Composer (LP)
  • The Hardcore Composer (LP)


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