The Magnum Opus (LP)

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The latin word “magnum opus” literally translates into “masterpiece”, and what this UK dream team has put together on this full-length is exactly that. MC Micall Parknsun and producer Giallo Point’s collaboration “The Magnum Opus” has been elaborated on the three or four colour model by enumerating a variety of chemical steps to be performed. This was often arranged in groups of seven or twelve stages, this consistency is crafted within 13 solid forms. The process of transmutation, weaving their entire narrative with alchemical symbolism. The full-length boasts collaborations with Ric Branson, SmooVth, Jehst, Confucius MC, The Jones Bros, Juga-Naut, SonnyJim, Phybaoptikz, Napoleon Da Legend and Da Flyy Hooligan.


1. Let It Go
2. Danger
3. Finer Cloth (feat. Ric Branson)
4. Death Wrote
5. Imagine That (feat. SmooVth)
6. Midnight (feat. Jehst & Confucius MC)
7. Keeping Up With The Jones (feat. The Jones Bros)
8. Tha Science
9. Naming Names (feat. Juga-Naut)
10. Verbatim (feat. Sonny Jim & Phybaoptikz)
11. On The Run (feat. Napoleon Da Legend
12. Gauntlet (feat. Da Flyy Hooligan)
13. Another Day


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