The Science (Colored LP w/OBI +7-inch)

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Delxue edition will be on transparent orange colored vinyl with Japanese OBI and contains a bonus 7-inch in a picture sleeve with Vanholder insert. *Actual product shot included. 

Formed by Toronto DJ/ producers K.Cut, Sir Scratch, and NYC MC/producer Large Professor, Main Source was one of the seminal groups of the East Coast’s hip-hop scene in 90’s. The original trio’s first and only album Breaking Atoms, was released in 1991 to critical and commercial acclaim, before Large Professor left the group. They recorded a second album, The Science, and even ran ads for it in The Source, before the group’s breakup led to its indefinite shelving. Until now!

P-VINE RECORDS is proud to announce that we’re giving The Science its long deserved official release, almost three decades after it was initially set for release. This gem among gems of 90’s hip-hop, which had never seen so much as a bootleg release, is going to be released on CD (7/28), Analog vinyl (1xLP and 1xLP+7 Inch)(11/15), and cassette tape (7/28).

With tracks such as “Bootleg”, “Raise Up, “Time (Alternate Mix)”, and “Hella Vision”, taken from master tapes owned by the three original members, as well as well-loved classics like “Fakin’ The Funk” and “How My Man Went Down In The Game”, this record is sure to be killer. Large Professor’s flows are as smooth and lyrical as ever, and the sample-heavy beats that the producers lay down are supreme. 


A1. Time Pt. 2
A2. Interlude one
A3. How My Man Went Down In The Game
A4. Interlude two
A5. Hellavision
A6. Interlude three
A7. Raise Up
A8. Interlude four
B1. Looking At The Front Door [Uncut]
B2. Interlude five
B3. Fakin' The Funk [Unreleased]
B4. Interlude six
B5. Bootlegging
B6. Time
B7. Outro Interlude
B8. Fakin' The Funk [Sound Track Version]
A1. Fakin' The Funk [Unreleased]
B1. Time


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