The Take Over (CD)

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Houston Rap legend, DJ Screw, brings his 2005, never before released production titled, The Take Over. Lil Keke, Big Hawk, Big Moe, Trae the Truth, Lil Flip & ESG along with many other Houston legends are featured on this 16 track album that captures the Screw sound at the height of its glory.

1 DJ Screw – Intro 
2 Big Moe, Mike D, Mr. 3-2, The Mo City Don, Trae Tha Truth– Keepin' It Gangsta 
3 Hawk, Trae Tha Truth, Lil' Keke, Lil' Flip– Bangin' Screw 
4 Hawk, Mr. 3-2, Lil' Keke, Chris Ward, Will Lean– Crank It Up 
5 Hawk, Trae Tha Truth, Mike D, The Mo City Don– After The Club 
6 Big Pokey, Lil' O, Hawk, Mike D – Swarm 
7 Lil' O, Mr. 3-2, Lil' Keke, Hawk, Mike D, Trae Tha Truth– Right Here 
8 Hawk, Mr. 3-2, Chris Ward– Loyalty And Betrayal 
9 Billy Cook, Lil' O, Trae Tha Truth, The Mo City Don, Hawk– I Know 
10 Lil' O, Hawk– I Don't Feel Ya 
11 Hawk, Mr. 3-2, Chris Ward– What's Going On 
12 Lil' O, Hawk– Get Right To It 
13 Lil' Keke, Mike D, Hawk, Big Pokey– Grey Tape 
14 Lil' O, Hawk, Lil' Keke, Big Pokey, Mike D, Chris Ward– Stop Then Look 
15 Mike D, Chris Ward, Hawk, Big Pokey, Mr. 3-2, Lil' Keke, Lil' O, ESG, The Mo City Don, Clay Doe, Trae Tha Truth, Macc Grace– The Take Over
16 Hawk– SUC Soldiers


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