Tirana Cafè (2xLP)

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Dumbo Station is a nu-jazz ensemble out of Roma, Italy that we've met during a live jam with legendary MC Danno of historical roman hip-hop group Colle Der Fomento.
They immediately caught our attention and after listening to this masterpiece we decided to collaborate with them and Roman jazz imprint AlfaMusic to release their debut full-length "Tirana Cafè" on limited edition vinyl. The 11 songs featured on their first studio effort will take you on a trip through different soundscapes with the quartet as your guide, joined by Italian talents the such as vocalist Davide Shorty as well as Maurizio Giammarco's sax and Elvio Ghigliordini's flute. These young fellas have managed to merge nu-jazz with soul, funk and modern sounds creating a true masterpiece.


1. Dumbo Station (feat. Maurizio Giammarco)
2. Big One (feat. Elvio Ghigliordini)
3. Narvalo
4. Your Poison (feat. Davide Shorty)
5. Sugo Forense
6. Stutter (feat. Elvio Ghigliordini)
7. Gyro
8. Smashing Sushi (feat. Vincenzo Presta)
9. Praise The Lord
10. Dr. Gattolonio (feat. Maurizio Giammarco)
11. Triathlon


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