Trendsetter (LP)

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Armed with rare records from the Tanner library and a handful of guest features, Vanderslice shares some of his best work to date with the Trendsetter EP. The seven tracks showcase both his gifts as a producer and as a curator. While he provides the snarling, gritty instrumentals, we’re treated to standout appearances from Vic Spencer, Ty Farris, G Perico, Daniel Son, and Capo.

In creating the beats for the project, Slice explains that he had “like 20 or 30 loops at my disposal, all gutter, all in the same vein.” After picking his favorites, he personally linked with the emcees and stayed true to his aesthetic of creating pure, raw rap. The result is a track like “Cold Winter,” a fitting title for a cut bursting with shit-talking lyrics from Chicago’s Vic Spencer and hard-hitting production.

And then there’s Slice’s favorite track on the EP, the G Perico-assisted “Barry White Shit,” that features a straight-up bonkers instrumental. “‘Barry White Shit’ was a blessing, we were fortunate to catch G Perico right before he took flight,” Slice said of working with the L.A native. “The beat is just a loop with bass under it, it’s gritty, and it’s a side of G you rarely hear.”

Trendsetter, as a whole, is equally as rare. It’s a no-frills, no-bullshit release that stays true to everyone involved, and serves as another dope project from one of underground hip-hop’s best kept secrets.


1 Intro 
2 Cold Winter feat Vic Spencer
3 Christmas Night Heist feat Ty Farris 
4 Barry White Shit feat G Perico 
5 Puzzles feat Daniel Son
6 Shell Casings Feat. Capo
7 Vanderslice– Outro 
8 Intro (Instrumental) 
9 Cold Winter (Instrumental) 
10 Christmas Night Heist (Instrumental)
11 Barry White Shit (Instrumental) 
12 Puzzles (Instrumental) 
13 Shell Casings (Instrumental)
14 Outro (Instrumental)


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