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SWE in collaboration with Dust & Dope are excited to announce the release of legendary NOLA rapper/producer Ice Mike's debut "True 2 Da Game!" originally released back in 1992 on cassette only. All tracks were taken from the OG DATS to give you top notch quality. Let's get into the album a little deeper... Fresh off the heels of producing for other New Orleans West Bank artists such as Bust Down and Mobo Records, "True 2 Da Game!" is the first full-length album from legendary New Orleans hip-hop pioneer Ice Mike. The follow-up to his 1991 debut as a solo artist is almost entirely self-produced (except for some co-production with DJ Lowdown & 8-ball The DJ). The writing, production, scratching, mixing, concepts, vocal and edit arrangements, piano and drum overdubs, and performances were all done by one man - Ice Mike. This feat is more impressive considering Ice Mike arranged and spliced the studio masters by hand with a razor blade and splicing tape, resulting in a level of mixing and editing that most couldn't achieve until digital software was invented for computers.


1 Rollin' on Daytons
2 Unoucantakdisdik
3 Excuse Me World I'm Ice Mike
4 Ain't Dat a Bitch
5 Flow Down
6 1-900-Hoe-Line
7 Fnalluslipnikkashoes Feat. Jr. Mack
8 Johnny
9 Bring Da Heat
10 No-F***-Ups
11 Here Smoke This
12 Da Mack Game Feat. Da Playa Bum
13 Rekcilkcid
14 Man-N-Da Hole
15 Yo Pussy Stank
16 Still a Westbank Thang - Introducing Disturbed Young Hustlaz
17 I Got Game
18 Bad Attitude (Previously Unreleased)


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