Trust Tape 3 (CD)

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Trust Tape 3 Is About To Take
TCF Music Group To The Next Level

Rochester, New York, March 13th, 2019 - With the kind of year 38 Spesh had in 2018 and the way 2019 is going so far, it is only fitting that this Rochester MC/producer has been crowned The King of Upstate. And as the monarch of the region, he understands his responsibility to shine light on other talent from the area.

Enter TCF Music Group. TCF stands for Trust Comes First and if you know Spesh, you know that “Truuust” is his trademark ad-lib...but more importantly it’s the family motto. However, what many might not know is that Spesh and TCF have been grinding in the game for years. In fact, Benny The Butcher was signed to TCF before he joined Westside Gunn and Conway at Griselda Records in 2016. Further, as evidenced by 2018’s highly underrated Stabbed & Shot album, Spesh and Benny are still tight and fully in business together.

May will see the release of Trust Tape 3, the third instalment of TCF’s compilation that spotlights the label’s lean and mean roster. Other than the man himself, this album is anchored by Che Noir and Klass Murda. Not to mention, former TCF artist, Benny, shows up on 8 of the 14 tracks! What’s more, the most buzzing names in production from Upstate New York, Eto and RickHyde, both contribute bangers to the project.

The whole album is rider music from top to bottom, but there are some standouts you should not miss. The lead single “War Wounds,” is the lead single for a reason. Eto’s production coupled with verses from Duffel Bag Hottie, Benny, and Che that exemplify Reality Rap. Then, there’s the 38 solo joint “Black Horns,” which only reaffirms lyricists’ and producers’ fears that this double threat is about to take the industry by storm. Also, make sure you bump “Summer Pain,” “LMOP,” “Dope Dealing,” and the hella infectious “Section.”


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