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Trust The Chain (CD)

Trust The Chain (CD)

Planet Asia & 38 Spesh


Planet Asia has recorded a number of albums with single producers (or production teams) throughout his prolific career. He has dropped classic material with DJ Muggs, Apollo Brown, Gensu Dean, DJ Concept, Izznyce, and of course his boys DirtyDiggs. However, according to King Medallions himself, his 38 Spesh-produced album Trust The Chain might be his best single-producer album yet. The pairing of PA’s funky linguistics and Spesh’s soul loops is a match made in Hip-Hop heaven. To further bolster the flavor on this fly affair Rasheed Chappell, The Musalini, Fred The Godson, and Elcamino each pitch in a drum.

Album art by Manuel "Cep" Concepcion


01. Body After Body (feat. Rasheed Chappell)
02. Resurrected Pharoahs (feat. The Musalini)
03. Mystery School
04. God Degree
05. Passport Playa
06. Snake Charmer
07. Learned From The OG's (feat. Fred The Godson & ElCamino)
08. Tec And A Mink
09. Juggernauts
10. Wintertime

  • $15.98

  • Trust The Chain (CD)
  • Trust The Chain (CD)
  • Trust The Chain (CD)
  • Trust The Chain (CD)


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