Underground Vol 1 (CD)

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Memphis rap legends and the originators of Horrorcore were dropping tapes in the early 90s before their 95 debut album Mystic Stylez.  Underground Vol 1 is a compilation of some of the best tracks from DJ Paul's tapes featuring original members and affiliates including Juicy J, Lord Infamous, Gangsta Boo, Project Pat, and more. 


1. Ridin' 'N' Tha Chevy Pt. 2 – DJ Paul & Lord Infamous feat. Juicy J
2. Niggaz Ain't Barin Dat – Triple Six Mafia
3. Chargin' These Hoes – DJ Paul & Juicy J
4. Now I'm High, Really High  – Triple Six Mafia
5. Sucks On Dick - Juicy J
6. Playa Hataz  – Triple Six Mafia
7. Paul With Da 45 – DJ Paul & Lord Infamous
8. Where Da Bud At – Lord Infamous
9. Mask and Da Glock – Lil' Glock & S.O.G.
10. Don't Be Scared – Juicy J
11. Time For Da Juice Mane – Juicy J
12. Walk Up To Your House – DJ Paul & Juicy J
13. Yeah, They Done Fucked Up – DJ Paul
14. Talk Ya Ass Off – DJ Paul
15. Fuck All Dem Hoes" – DJ Paul & Juicy J


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