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Since the late 60s, Loudon Wainwright III has brought a modicum of humor, dry wit, and earnestness to the acoustic folk scene that few could match. Though his music never found major commercial sales success, he developed a massive cult following over the years for his charismatic stage persona, and for the naked honesty of his music. The kind of naked honesty that would go on to inspire the likes of Lyle Lovett, Sufjan Stevens, Laura Cantrell, and numerous others, while even fathering a second generation of performers; his children Rufus and Martha Wainwright.

In 1975, Wainwright released Unrequited, his fifth album overall, and what would be his final album with Columbia Records. Unrequited was remarkable among Wainwright's catalog on two levels: It was his first release to feature half studio recordings and half live recordings, (Recorded from The Bottom Line in New York City) and it was his first to feature all original compositions. Wainwright's signature self-depreciating wit is in full display across Unrequited, featuting top-tier session musicians backing Loudon up on the studio side, such as Klaus Voorman, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, and even actor Christopher Guest. But where the singer-songwriter shines best is on the live side, where his magnetic stage presence is on full display.


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