Unruly Records: Baltimore Club Music Anthology (91-95) (LP)

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Unruly and Baltimore Club Music - A History (Abridged)

From its inception, "Baltimore Club Music” made its initial appearances at clubs like Club Fantasy, The Ozone, Hammerjack’s, and Paradox. In the early days, music lovers could find DJs like Sean Marshall, Marc Henry, and Shawn Caesar (at DJs Outlet in Old Towne Mall), Scottie B and Danny Class (at Inner City Records), Technics (at Music Liberated), DJ Patrick (at Sound of Baltimore), and Diamond K and Kenny B (at Electronics & More) who were all playing in the nightclubs or selling the latest “club music” mixtapes with a mixture of hip-hop, house music, and the infusion of "homemade" beats and tracks. On a powerful sound system, the music is at its best—a 128 BPM breakbeat with a stripped-down bass, then a hot, raunchy, or hyped vocal hook-on loop, and possibly a few lyrical stanzas.

Even with the collective memories of the pioneers who were active in bringing it forth, it is difficult to attribute or tag one event or person with the creation of “club music.” While the exact genesis of this urban sub-genre is difficult to pinpoint there is no doubt that DJ Frank Ski was responsible for proliferating the "club music" sound. He and other DJs would perform sets that included “Doo Doo Brown” (1991), “House for All” (1992), “Booty Mission” (1992), “Tony's Bitch Track” (1992), “Whores in This House” (1992), and Ms. Tony’s “Whatzup? Whatzup?”.


A1 Blunted Dummies - Booty Mission (2023 Digital Remaster)
A2 Griff-Man - Break It Down (2023 Digital Remaster)
A3 DJ Class - Roldatshit (2023 Digital Remaster)
A4 DJ Booman - To ‘Da Rhythm (2023 Digital Remaster)
B1 Ms. Tony - Whatzup? Whatzup? (2023 Digital Remaster)
B2 Selectah Road Runna - Boomy Bomb - Griff & Boo Doo-Dew Mix (2023 Digital Remaster)
B3 Underground Trak Team - And The Beat Goes (2023 Digital Remaster)
B4 K-Man - Blow (Scottie B Edit)


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